Taking The Next Step with Health Connective

SMA recognises that beyond raising the issues through the Position Statement, we need to demonstrate our commitment to finding efficient and effective solutions. It is with this in mind that SMA has made a decision to support “Health Connective” – a collaborative effort of three technology service providers: Smarter Health, Assurance Technology and Health Catalyst. This solution neither requires SMA to contribute to the cost of development and operations of Health Connective, nor partake in any potential commercial arrangements.

As the name suggests, the primary goal of this initiative is to provide “connections”. As a start, Health Connective intends to provide a technology platform to consolidate information pertaining to all doctors (especially those in the private sector). This consolidated directory of doctors will be the basis for group representation in discussions with insurers. The objective is to make it easy for insurers to connect directly with doctors who are keen to work with them to service their client base. All doctors are invited to create and maintain their own professional profiles at https://www.healthconnective.sg from 4 January 2022.

This will also make it possible for insurers to carry out their empanelment contracting activities through Health Connective. This “Smarter Contracting” capability will allow the contract terms and fee schedule to be made available for registered doctors to review. Those who are keen to pursue these opportunities can then apply for the respective contracts directly with the insurers through Health Connective. All subsequent contract maintenance activities (eg, contract updates and renewals) will also be managed through the platform. This will provide much needed transparency in the contracting relationship between insurers and doctors. It will also enable SMA to arbitrate, should the need arise.

Apart from contract management, Health Connective will also enable some core processes, such as appointment scheduling, pre-authorisation and claims submission, to operate on the platform. Insurers may adopt these generic processes to make it easier for doctors to handle the administrative workload that often accompanies the servicing of their clients. To further simplify this interaction, Health Connective will provide connectivity with compliant clinic management systems to enable more efficient data exchanges. In essence, it is Health Connective’s intention to reduce the multiple touchpoints that doctors currently have to manage.

Source: “Taking The Next Step with Health Connective”, Singapore Medical Association

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