Healthcare Reimagined

The future of healthcare lies in the effective use of technology built on top of a trusted infrastructure for data exchange.

All stakeholders must work together to make this happen.

Our Mission

We want to ensure that healthcare is Accessible, Affordable and Accountable.

These should not be competing priorities in healthcare.


Everyone should be empowered to evaluate and obtain the care that they need


Financial considerations should not be a barrier to accessing good healthcare


The responsible and efficient use of resources to achieve the best possible health outcomes

Our Partners

We are grateful that many have joined us on this mission. You can do your part too.

Health Information Exchange with a collaboration network of >200 hospitals and >3,500 doctors

Leading Clinic Management System with an installation base of >2,000 clinics

World-class data analytics company which is listed on NASDAQ

… and growing!

We are reshaping the future of healthcare.

We are committed to our mission to make healthcare Accessible, Affordable, Accountable.
Join us if our mission resonates with you.


You are committed to making access to good quality healthcare effortless for your policyholders.

You believe in the accurate assessment and timely settlement of claims.


You want to be your patients' advocate and will empower them to take charge of their health.

You believe in collaborating with other healthcare providers and the optimal utilisation of resources to achieve the best possible outcome for your patients.


You want to provide optimal support to the doctors in their quest to provide the best care for patients.

You will make available information to patients in order to empower them to understand and take control of their health and well-being.


You want to make full use of the resources made available to you to take ownership of your own health.

You commit to sensible utilisation of limited healthcare resources so that everyone has equal access to healthcare.

NONE of us is as smart as ALL of us.

Our greatest asset will be our collective insights. Join our regional alliance to reimagine healthcare delivery.

It is the right thing to do.

Together, we can create impact

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